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Piazza Swatches

Black Cherry
Black Tux
Bright Gold
Dozen Roses
Fawn Tan
Key Largo
Lemon Custard
Mandarin Orange
Patriot Blue
Pine Needle
Purple Heart
Radiant Red
Rich Charcoal
Silver Star
Snow Cap
Tea Leaf
The Masters
West Point
  • Custom Carpet & Flooring Product Designs, Custom Carpet Logo - Mats, Rugs, Runners, Tiles, Inlaid Area Rugs and more. From entrance mats to end zones, we have the expertise, technology, and experience to transform your idea into a unique, eye-catching floor covering.

    From residential to corporate, hotels to hospitals, malls to museums, we have the experience making quality, custom floor coverings that are appropriate for a broad range of locations and events. With retailers, property management companies, automotive manufacturers, and more, our processes are designed with scalability in mind; whether you’re looking for one piece or one thousand, a single order or ongoing availability.

  • Every mat and rug we make starts with a concept. You tell us what you are looking for– what you want it to look like, where you will use it, and how many you want to make. We will help you unleash your creativity with our design concepts and Custom Carpet Swatches!

    From there, we work with you to choose the right materials for your project. We have a vast library of products to choose from and make sure your floor covering stands up to its environment’s demands – while still looking the way you want it.

    With the right materials picked out, we will send you an art proof so that you can make sure that we have captured your original idea. If you want any revisions, we will re-proof the design until you are happy with it. Once we get your approval, your design can go into production.

  • What Files to Send:

    We really like vector files that can be easily scaled: examples include files ending in .eps, dwg, dxf, and pdf. If you don’t have these kind of files … it is still possible that our graphic artists can use files ending in .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .tif – it just takes a bit more effort to convert these files.

    Other Art:

    Sometimes digital art just isn’t possible. That’s okay too. Our art department will take what you’ve got and do their best – whether it is a blueprint, a fire department patch, or a photograph. You wouldn’t be the first customer to send in a sketch on a napkin – however, the better the art the quicker the results.

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