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Casino 12x24 Matte

Allure 00200
Ash 00550
Bianco 00150
Calacatta 00121
Statuario 00151
Stella 00500
Zebrino 00155

Our stunning tile & stone collections allow you to unleash your creativity with endless combinations. Designed to mimic the natural textures, like quarried slate, travertine and limestone, these looks embody flooring sophistication. Shaw tile & stone is available in ceramic, porcelain and stone and includes eco-friendly options to meet your various project needs.

Color Ash 00550, Allure 00200, Bianco 00150, Calacatta 00121, Statuario 00151, Stella 00500, Zebrino 00155
Collection Ceramic Solutions
Product Type TileStone
Glaze Hardness 5
Shade & Texture Variation M
Sq. Ft. Per Box 15.50
Surface Texture MARBLE
Surface Finish Smooth
Water Absorption % 0.50% (Impervious (Porcelain))
Break Strength >= 250 lbs
Wet CoF >= 0.42
Frost Resistant YES