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QuietSound™ Acoustical Underlayment

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QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment is the premium solution to abate noise transmission from foot traffic and electronics in multi-story buildings. Acting as a crack suppression membrane, QuietSound® resists compression while offering superior underfoot comfort. Unlike natural cork and foam, this recycled rubber product will remain permanently resilient and impervious to the elements.

Whether used as a floating floor or bonded to the subfloor, QuietSound® acoustic floor underlayment provides superior sound insulation that creates undisturbed living and working conditions for decades.

Why is QuietSound® the premier solution to abate noise transmission from foot traffic and electronics in multi-story buildings? It all starts with resilience. QuietSound® resists permanent compression while offering excellent underfoot comfort. This acoustical rubber underlayment properly deflects compression when put under stress (e.g., the pressure of a footstep) and returns to its original form when not under stress. Cork and foam underlayment products are not resilient and often remain permanently compressed just after a year of use. As a result, the sound insulation for these inferior underlayment products will decline significantly and rapidly following initial use.

QuietSound® acoustical underlayment is suitable for all conventional subfloors and floor coverings. QuietSound® is easy to install using Patriot, Eagle Grip adhesive or an approved rubber bonding adhesive.

Installation: Proper installation of QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment is the responsibility of our customers. Unapproved adhesives can result in permanent damage and are not covered under our 25-year limited warranty. A premium grade, one-part urethane adhesive that is highly moisture resistant and is specifically formulated for rubber flooring, such as Eagle Grip, is strongly recommended.

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