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Wood Flooring Adhesive With Moisture Vapor Protection+ 3-IN-1

Naturally Aged Flooring™️ 3-IN-1 is an all-in-one, moisture-cured urethane adhesive, formulated for full-surface bonding of engineered, solid wood and bamboo flooring. This formula offers permanent elastomeric performance, moisture vapor protection, crack suppression and sound-reduction properties. Naturally Aged Flooring™️ 3-IN-1 is low odor and has ≤ 53 g/L VOC. Once cured, this superior adhesive is virtually unaffected by moisture.


  • 3-in-1, moisture-cured low odor urethane adhesive
  • Ideal for full-surface bonding of engineered, solid wood and bamboo flooring
  • Bonds with structurally sound, properly prepared concrete, chipboard, rated plywood, and certain other substrates
  • Residential and Light Commercial Use
  • Unlimited subfloor moisture vapor protection
  • No moisture testing required, only a dry to the touch substrate is needed
  • Creates a sound-reduction layer
  • Bridges non-structural cracks in concrete up to 1/8"
  • Covers between 120 and 320 sq. ft. per 4 gallon pail, depending usage and trowel size
  • Please refer to supplemental product documentation for Specific Coverages based on trowel and flooring types; Installation Methods; Substrates; Warranty; LEED; additional guidance